I am an engineering leader that loves to build teams and make awesome things.

I currently work at Dropbox, where most recently I'm building a new team to drive growth in some of our newest initiatives. We're unlocking the potential of our newest products for our users and it's super cool.

I'm a productivity nerd and product engineer that loves to build things that make people happy by helping them get things done so they can focus on what's really important. At Dropbox I previously worked on Dropbox Paper leading a team building new and enhancing existing features of the collaborative editor.

The social side of software engineering excites me. I'm passionate about bringing people together from different perspectives and experiences to build something that makes lives better. Dropbox's mission is to "design a more enlightnend way of working" and this really resonates with me as a technologist and a leader.

For more about my experience take a look at resume.